This is the last one I drew before carpal/cubital tunnel took over and I had to stop drawing. From mid September 2023 to January 2024! Yeesh. I did draw between, but it was more experimental stuff, and I could draw for only short times, like 5 minutes in the beginning. But end of January, I am feeling so much better! My occupational therapist was a dire help. Apparently with stuff like this, if it hurts, even a 1-5 second break from the repetitive task is enough to help. And it really is!

In the meantime, this is going to be an every-other-week thing. Until I get a good backlog and am back up to "fighting form." But Alia and her weird adventures are back.

And here is my confession. I accidentally swapped pens part way through to one that didn't have waterproof ink! I could cry. That is what I get for testing a ton of different pens. I am going to go now and put coordinated washi tape on each of my pens to indicate if they are waterproof.